Get To Know Us.

The LifeBento™ company is leading the awareness on the importance of healthy nutritious food for healthy growing child while reducing dependence on junk food or kids lunch containers made from harmful plastics.

Through extensive research, LifeBento™ creates safe and practical insulated lunch bags, bento boxes, bento accessories, ice packs, hot packs and lunch containers for modern moms who love to cook or pack lunch for their kids and have them enjoy healthy tasty meals at daycare centers or at schools.

It’s mission is to enrich kids’s growing up years with healthy and nutritious foods prepared by parents without depending on junk food outside

The Idea

The concept was founded by mummy Jess, a working mother who like many other modern parents, had become increasingly concerned about poorly regulated food laden with questionable ingredients typically found in the compounds of the schools.

Safe Lunch Boxes

In response to this very need in the marketplace, she has created the concept of safe and healthy food lunch boxes that are both affordable and safe for the kids.

Afforable To Everyone

In order to deliver quality lunch container products at affordable prices for everyday parents, profit margins were capped to the minimal, middleman operators were eliminated and deliveries are all done online so that the savings can be passed on to great parents like you.

Your Healthy Kids

Hence we believe your kids deserve the best you can give for them. We’ll ensure that our LifeBento™ brand will continue to stand for durable and innovative products that help simplify the lives of parents like you.