Keeping Lunches Safe

Why Preserving Warm Or Cold Food is Important?


Packing Lunch For  Fussy Easters

Chances are you may worry about whether your picky eating and fussy children will eat the food in their lunch boxes than about whether that food will be safe to eat.

But your children are the most vulnerable to food poisoning, so it makes sense to take extra precautions when you prepare the lunches they take to school.

Perishable food that you pack for your kids such as meats, potatoes, rice, pasta, eggs or yogurt can be unsafe to eat by lunchtime if packed in conventional paper bag.

Hot lunches like fried beehon, chicken rice etc should be kept warm until it’s ready for lunchtime.

Thus it is highly recommended to ensure hot lunches remain hot while cold lunches remain cold before consuming to reap the following benefits for your kids.

  Benefits Of Proper Packed Food Preservation
Reduce the rate at which food will deteriorate.
Preserving nutrients and prevents sensitive vitamins from being lost
Slow down the growth of microorganisms and the rate of chemicals (including enzymic) changes in food
Hot food when consumed hot is often better in taste and healthier while able to boost metabolism

You can use our ice packs to prepare nutritious deserts for your kids or hot packs which allow you to preserve your warm food for extended period of time.