LifeBento Insulated Lunch Bag

LifeBento™ Insulated Lunch Bag

No matter whether you are going to office, school, camping or any outdoor activities and day trips, you can always take the benefits of a safe & thermal insulated lunch kit like LifeBento™

Dual Temperature Compartments

LifeBento lunch thermal insulated lunch kit comprises of a uniquely made lunch bag and a biodegradable lunch box, designed to keep BOTH your warm food and cold food at the same time for up to estimated 4 hours (hot) and 9 hours(cold) with the use of our ice packs and hot packs.

Packed Food Variety

This allows you to pack foods for your fussy kids you never thought possible, all which are kept warm while having beverages remain cold and chill.

Sturdy Construction

This is made possible through a combination of our exceptional premium materials such as the top-of-the-range and tear-resistant polyester, padded with our signature Thermo EP, a proprietary insulation technology made from thick moisture-resistant & eco-friendly thermal insulation materials to maximize cooling efficiency.

Start Packing Lunch Now

Finally, keeping the food fresh for a long time doesn’t have to be hard for you. It is our goal to change the way mothers everywhere think about their kids’ lunch

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