About LifeBento™ Lunch Box Containers

LifeBento™ lunch box containers for kids & adults are made from agricultural waste – rice husk fiber, which are natural, healthy and does not contain any harmful substances such as PVC, BPA and harmful plastic substances.

Most rice husk is perceived as waste materials and is often discarded and burnt. Burning rice husk is not only a waste of resources, but also creates dangerous level of CO2 in the air.


Back To Nature

Instead of contributing to polluting our Mother Nature, LifeBento™ aims to promote the use biodegradable materials by creating a lunch box containers which can be reused countless times without endangering the environment.


Save Our Mother Nature

If you wish to discard any of our lunch box containers back into the land, they will biodegrade naturally in short time and will become part of nature again.


Benefits From Rice Husk Bento Box

Long lasting and durable product – strength almost comparable with conventional plastics
Biodegradable and nature friendly
No heavy metals and non-toxic
Commercial dishwasher safe
Can withstand temperatures of between -30 degree Celsius to 120 degree Celsius
Will decompose once buried
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