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Hot Pack


Our LifeBento™ Heating pack has been specially designed for maximum heat retention while slowly releases heat to efficiently warm up your lunch.


After many improved formula of the heating materials used, our heating pack have been able to consistently shown to outperform many other packs on the market

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LifeBento heat pack is an easy and practical solution that combines both unique & useful design with function not available in any other lunch bag – warmth!


Our heating pack has been carefully designed to achieve maximum heat retention and outperform any other heating pack solution in the market.


Our heating pack can be activated with just a minute in the microwave only, and can be reused for hundreds of times.


Once heated in your microwave or hot bath for a few minutes, these heating packs can absorb energy right from your microwave, and store it for later use. When these packs are placed into our signature series lunch bag, they will slowly release the stored heat, thus keeping your food warm.


These heating pack have been made based on our unique formula with non-toxic ingredients and can maintain heat for up to 3-4 hours.


While you can use our LifeBento heating pack in any other lunch bags, but these packs were specially designed to work with our lunch bag which offers unique combination of high performance heat retention capability, not available in any other lunch tote in the market right now.



Made from non-edible and natural food-safe FDA-approved phase change materials for long heating effect.
External container made from food safe HDPE materials which is corrosion-resistant, water-resistant and highly suitable for food contact applications. Also, HDPE containers do not leach chemicals into their content.
Long heat retention capability, up to 4 hours, with constant temperature between 50 to 55 degrees as shown in the lab test.
Unique safety grip handle for safer handling of heat pack to prevent injury
Safe for microwave re-heating up to 1 minutes or can use hot bath to re-heat
Fully washable and can be reused multiple times
Outer container is made from BPA free HDPE food grade material, with perfect sealing using ultrasonic welding to ensure 100% non-leakage
Safe & non-toxic

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Dimensions 12.2 × 17.8 × 1.6 cm


Product Safety Certifications

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)


CNAS Safety Data Sheet



SGS FDA External Container Safety Test


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