LifeBento™ Malaysia / Heroes Lunch Set [SOLD OUT]
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Heroes Lunch Set [SOLD OUT]


Vibrant & versatile lunch bag which allows you to pack both hot & cold food at the same time with extended preservation period, thanks to the specially designed insulation padding


This exclusive product bundle comprises of the following items

1x LifeBento Sister Lunch Bag

1x LifeBento Hot Pack

1x LifeBento Cold Pack

1x LifeBento Lunch Container

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Combined with the use of our Thermalpacks™, this thermal insulated lunch set is designed to keep your warm food warm and cold food cold at the same time for up to 3-4 hours (hot) and 9 hours(cold).


This allows you to pack foods for your kids you never thought possible, from hot nutritiously packed breakfast till great tasting cold beverages all at the same time.


This is made possible through a combination of our exceptional premium materials such as the top-of-the-range and tear-resistant polyester, padded with our signature Thermo EP™, a proprietary insulation technology made from thick moisture-resistant & eco-friendly thermal insulation materials to maximize cooling efficiency.


Also comes together with this package is our signature series LifeBento Rice Husk Bento, one of the most natural and eco-friendly food containers in the market today. Rest assured that your food will always remain safe and free from harmful chemicals especially stored hot or warm conventional containers


Finally, keeping the food fresh for a long time doesn’t have to be hard for you. It is our goal to change the way mothers everywhere think about their kids’ lunch


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