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Rice Husk Bento Box


High quality US FDA-certified and leakproof lunch box made entirely from natural rice husk which is free from any harmful chemicals and plastics

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LifeBento food containers are made from rice husk, which are usually regarded as naturally abundant agricultural by-products.


These protective rice husks are then processed through high heat sterilization and compression to produce the food containers you see in the pictures.


Best of all, all LifeBento food containers are natural biodegradable products that will decompose into their natural state over time given an ideal biodegradable environment



Strong & durable construction, last for years under normal usage and care

Made from biodegradable food-safe rice husk harvested from nature, suitable for kids and adults
Non chemically produced
Wide temperature tolerance. Can withstand hot and cold temperatures, from -30° celcious to 120° celcious
Leak-proof & Easy to clean
Compact, high-density yet lightweight, weights only 278 gram
Food safe & BPA free
Tested and certified to be non-toxic, anti-odour, anti-fungus and anti-bacteria by SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd and SGS (the world’s leading inspection, verification and testing company)
Manufactured and comply to EN and other international standards
Natural brown color from that of rice husks with no artificial dyes or chemicals used during production
Texture is fine, smooth and glassy, due to natural wax from rice husks

The following are some of the creative ways you can use our rice husk bento box

  ricehuskbentobox_3 ricehuskbentobox_2

ricehuskbentobox_1 ricehuskbentobox_4


Additional information

Weight 0.278 kg
Dimensions 17.8 × 12.1 × 5.5 cm


Our LifeBento Rice Husk bento box has been tested according to international requirements for product safety and comply to the following standards

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